Motion to GMB Congress 2009

Safety, sex work, and human rights.

Congress calls for policies on the sex industry to prioritise the safety and rights of those who work in the sex industry. Policy must always be based on the meaningful inclusion of those who will be most affected.

“Criminalisation … is responsible for the lack of employment rights, casualisation, stigma, widespread violence, exploitation and abuse in the global sex industry.” Increased criminalisation of workplaces and clients will worsen the already vulnerable situation of sex workers, and do nothing to address the vulnerabilities of those trafficked into the sex industry.

We absolutely oppose all forms of trafficking and forced labour and call upon the government to recognise that the only effective way to tackle these abuses when they occur in the sex industry is to apply the measures which are known to improve the situation of migrant workers in other industries. Trafficked persons are not found in sectors where workers are organised and where labour standards are monitored and enforced.

As trades unionists we know the solution to exploitation and abuses within any industry is the promotion of full human, civil and labour rights for those working within it. We call for sex workers’ entitlement to these rights to be recognised and respected within the union movement.

London Region

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