Have YOU told your prospective MP your views on prostitution.

In parliament last November, some MPs tried to make it illegal to pay for sex. Campaigners for increased criminalisation have met with senior politicians and will keep up the pressure for increased repression. The Northern Ireland assembly passed a law making it illegal to purchase sex, this comes into affect in June 2015. These well-funded and well-organised crusaders promote the view that they speak for the majority, although approximately 70%+ of the population accept that people in the sex industry have a right to exist and to consent to sex (see below for references).

Just five minutes is all it takes to email your PPCs (Prospective Parliamentary Candidates) and the politicians who met pro-criminalisation lobbyists via OurConsentCounts.uk. OurConsentCounts.uk is run by the IUSW, long term advocates for the rights and safety of people in the sex industry.

Take action to prevent criminalisation of consent to sex for money.

Please pass this information onto other sex workers, escorts and allies. We must gather momentum and inform our potential representatives what would make life safer for us.

Public opinion is in favour of tolerance

71% of The Big Questions (BBC1) audience said prostitution should be accepted
72% voted for complete decriminalisation of prostitution on ITV’s This Morning
73% of Independent readers said prostitution shouldn’t be illegal
85% of Daily Mirror readers when asked ‘Should buying sex be a crime?’ said ‘no’.


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