Laura Lee, Dr Belinda Brookes-Gordon on Newsnight

Laura Lee and Dr Belinda Brookes-Gordon appeared on Newsnight to discuss the impending debate in the European parliament which intends to criminalise the purchases of sex.  Dorcas Erskine from Eaves was there to support Mary Honeyball who proposes this bill.

It was an infuriating debate with Dorcas Erskine shouting down  Belinda when Belinda was given the floor to speak, and was arguing that Dorcas’s statistics were misrepresentative.   Dorcas was so dismissive of academic peer reviewed  research. Throughout this debate  Belinda and Laura were silenced by the incessant interruptions from Dorcas.  Interesting to see various comments from impartial tweeters back up this view.

A video of the debate will be posted here in the next few hours, and then later the Newsnight visit to a German brothel.   Newsnight chose to visit a brothel and Germany, and did not explore alternatives like total decriminalization.  The alternative supported by us is the total decriminalization model as is practised in New Zealand.  This model gives power to sex workers to work how they want, whether that is a big brothel, a small brothel set up by women working together, lone sex workers, or street work.  In all cases the sex worker has the tight to refuse clients and to contact the police.

Newsnight debate 

Newsnight German brothel video coming.

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2 Responses to “Laura Lee, Dr Belinda Brookes-Gordon on Newsnight”

  1. MikeFromSouthend says:

    Dorcas Erskine is a most objectionable woman. She puts down Laura Lee when she makes claims she cannot support and asks Laura not to interrupt, and then spends most of the rest of the interview loudly talking over Belinda Brookes-Gordon and Laura Lee!
    It’s a simple situation. If you force women into the back streets then you open the door for criminals to take advantage of women for profit. The Home Office reports that around 4% of sex workers are trafficked. It is right that work should be done to stop trafficking, not just in the sex industry but in all industries such as farming, domestic helps etc.
    The problem is not with the sex workers or their clients. It with those who feel they can tell other people how to live their lives. THEY are the bullies who demand the right to live their life as they wish, but will not allow others to do the same.

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