West Midlands police clamp down on street workers and clients

The West Midlands are having a clamp down on street sex work. Targeting street walkers and their clients on Hagley Road. Listen to interviews from Catherine Stephens from the International Union of Sex Workers on why the police action will fail, as has police action failed for the last 50 years. Additional interview from Laura Lee a human rights campaigner on why the police should be following the example of the Liverpool police.

The International Union of Sexworkers condemn the action of the West Midlands police force. Their action will endanger sex workers, disperse sex workers across the community causing more disruption. The IUSW call on West Midlands police to work with sex workers to find a solution to anti social behaviour. It has been proved time and time again, that police action is ineffective and only results in short term solutions. Street walking has been criminalised for over 50 years, and still persists.

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