HARDtalk Dr Brooke Magnanti Scientist and former prostitute

BBC Hardtalk with Brooke Magnanti discussing prostitution,  Was show  a couple of weeks ago.


More videos on sexwork and the present Scottish and Irish criminalisation agenda are available on this iuswcollectiveemail channel.

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3 Responses to “HARDtalk Dr Brooke Magnanti Scientist and former prostitute”

  1. JT says:

    Magnanti can try to make it all sound as cuddly and “empowering” as she wants to. Bottom line, she used women’s sexuality as her personal cash machine, and that makes her no better than a parasite. She was under the control of men and their wallets all along, so this “empowerment” stuff doesn’t fly either.

    • admin says:

      JT so you have the courage of your convictions, using a fake email address and posting through TOR. You accuse Brooke of using her sexuality as a personal cash machine and a parasite, then you go on and say she was under the control of men and their wallets. Wise up and sort your arguments out, you are contradicting yourself.

  2. simon says:

    Brooke Magnanti is challanging the myth “women in sex work are dominated by men”. As a sex worker, she was the one who set the agenda of what happened between her and her clients.She offered particular services and it was then the choice of the client to avail of these services or not. As she said she choose sex work for a period in her life then she stopped when she chose.