Magnanti (Belle De Jour), Rhoda Grant argue against and for criminalising sex work clients,

Brooke Magnanti (Belle De Jour) and Rhoda Grant appear on Sunday Politics, arguing the case for criminalising the clients of sex workers.  Brief introduction by Fiona, who as a journalist, investigates the sex industry in Scotland.  Brief interview with Laura Lee (a Scottish sex-worker) is shown.  The full interview is available as a pod cast.  Check the website where it has (will) be posted.  Interesting point made, Edinburgh is tolerant of brothels (licenses them), Glasgow has no tolerance and Aberdeen has a middle way.  The upcoming single Scottish police authority will bring changes, despite the ill-conceived, dangerous and ineffective legislation Rhoda Grant is trying to implement.


For details of the campaign to stop the criminalisation of the sex industry contact Scot Pep. The campaign page is here

This is an open consultation, so anyone can write in. You don’t have to be Scottish or live in Scotland. Submissions must be received by the 14th.

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