Lord Morrow and Laura Lee discuss criminalising the purchase of sex on BBC Ulster

Today Laura Lee and Lord Morrow appeared on the Nolan show discussing the legislation Lord Morrow is proposing concerning trafficking.  Many aspects of Lord Morrows’s legislation on trafficking are welcome, but he falls into the trap of conflating sex work with trafficking.  He even starts quoting the UN on sexwork, he should look carefully at what the UN is saying, they specifically are now calling for the decriminalisation of sex work, and that decriminalisation includes purchase and management.

Clause 4 though is abominable and dangerous, the criminalisation of the purchase of sex.  Lord Morrow backs up his proposal up with mis-quoted statistics.  The prime example being 75% of women enter prostitution at 18  or under.  A survey specifically looking at prostitutes who were under 18 when they started sex work.

In this interview Lord Morrow even goes on to equate prostitution to murder, misrepresenting panic buttons in a Melbourne brothel with health and safety.  Don’t our nurses in our NHS hospitals go around with panic buttons?   The usual issues about legalisation not reducing the illegal brothels, totally ignoring the fact that licencing never works because authorities always refuse to grant licences.  Decriminalisation as in New Zealand and New South Wales is the gold standard.

The argument by Joan summed up the anti sex work movement as, women need protecting from themselves, they need protecting from the shame of selling sex.

The usual straw person question is thrown in, would you want your daughter selling sex, I would support by daughter in what she does, I would want her protected from shoddy legislation.  The killer response was though was when Laura said her daughters school teacher knew her business.

Laura Lee sums up at the end,  ” My overall message is simply this, if you want to help those minority that are trafficked and that are coerced then come and talk to us, come and work with us, we will openly discuss a policy around the table by which we will work along side the police and we will help those women.”

The link to the podcast of the debate is nolan_20121115-1146b

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