We are inclusive, we campaign for the rights of all sex workers

This was posted recently by furry girl on her blog Feminisnt.  It really is a reference to porn stars who consider themselves actors and above the sexworker who provides companionship.  The text of the reply was from a very old blog post (2008)  relating to the problems of Organising a Labour movement for  the porn Industry.

I post this from the perspective of an escort, and how we should be there campaigning for the rights of all prostitutes, independent escorts, agency workers, brothel workers, street workers.  I have often come across sections of the industry who consider themselves above other tiers of  industry and don’t want to be in anyway associated with these workers.

We are here to fight and organise for all who work in the industry by campaigning through the media and other organisations.

“One thing I do not see, sadly, is performers as a group making common cause with other sex workers, whether strippers, escorts, massage parlor workers or street walkers. There is a cultural problem inherent in this climate that makes that an unlikely outcome.
Identifying with the oppression and the struggle of less privileged sex workers is not a pleasant thing to contemplate for someone who prefers to see him or herself as a ‘star.’
This is a wedge that [anti-porn feminists] effectively drive between us all the time. They love to go on and on about how a lucky few of us get all the rewards while vast numbers of ‘enslaved, brutalized, prostituted women’ suffer all the miseries into which our visible good fortune has seduced them.
Somehow, we need to take that wedge out of the hands of those who want to see sex work abolished and those who profit by keeping it divided and powerless. Between them, our common enemies make a formidable opposition to be conquered, and before we can take them on, we have to rise above our own misgivings from within.”

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