Accounting services, Financial, Legal benefits

The single most important benefit of joining the IUSW GMB Branch is that you will be part of a huge organisation which recognises the legitimacy of working in the sex industry, that is dedicated to campaigning for sex workers’ rights, improving your working life and offering practical assistance with both work and non-work matters.

Employment and working conditions
GMB staff can advise you about what you are entitled to expect at your place of work, including carrying out health and safety inspections and can also accompany you to a meeting with the person who employs you or runs the place where you work

Legal advice
Have you been arrested by the police as a street worker, been caught up in a flat raid or been assaulted by a client? Do you know what your rights are, if you find yourself in a situation like these? As a union member you are entitled to free legal advice on any matter with GMB solicitors.

Discounted legal services to GMB/IUSW members are available from Hodge, Jones & Allen Solicitors. Contact Nigel Richardson at 020 7388 0628.

Finance and tax
Members can receive low cost services from an accountant who specialises in workers paid in cash, who has supported members through a range of negotiations with the Inland Revenue.

  1. Addicus
    Poole and Manchester
    sensitive to the business needs of escorts and independent sex workers
  2. George Lewis (Edinburgh)
  3. Dion Laycock
    Wilson Wright & Co (EXPENSIVE)
  4. Gary Jacobs
    London and SE, Showtax – dancers, escorts and others in cash businesses
    020 8282 3333

We understand that workers in the sex industry may have a need for confidentiality, and take this into account on our membership application form and payment options. You must live in UK but your nationality or immigration status does not matter. You do not need to provide proof of identity and can join using your professional name.

IUSW GMB Branch meetings
Branch meetings are a space to discuss internal branch issues, members’ workplace and industry issues and financial matters. GMB branch meetings take place in March, June, September and December. Although only GMB members can attend, people can join at the meeting.

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